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Hara point secret

Most of the meditation techniques known to us including Reiki, put emphasize on how important Hara or Tantien point is. Though it is an important teaching, but it is also neglected by us. Yes, because everyone always talk about it, and it is so simple, we often neglected something that simple, don't we? But, it is unfortunately is the key to any successful meditation practice. It is the door, where the vitality force in the air can get inside our energy system and directly nourish our sumshumna channel. 

The Hara point, is the key to calm our mind instantly, therefore when we need to taming our mind, we need this hara point and the techniques to exploit it. Any meditation techniques which don't use this Hara point, such as using mantra, objects and koan, may takes time to tame mind chatter and entering meditation state, alpha state. But, using Hara point, the mind almost instantly quiet at the time the vitality enter rightly to sumshumna channel.

Qi, as we usually called the vitality energy, upon entering Hara point, will directly enter Sumshumna channel located inside our backbone, going up to our brain, instantly bring calm and inner peace to our mind. Then, qi nourish our cakras, our hormones will be released and we feel joy and bliss as it occurs. Perhaps what ancient people talk about nectar of gods, they actually refer to this experience.

When i comparing spiritual texts of many traditions, i found that Hara point is used to control Kundalini flow inside Sumshumna. As we know about Kundalini energy, it runs through Sumshumna, Ida and Pinggala, and its massive energy always run violently inside those channels. Most of the world spiritual traditions fear this process and suggesting certain controls toward Kundalini flows. They suggesting mixing Qi from the air with Kundalini to balance and reduce its flow, while opening the blockage along the channels.

From my perspective, Kundalini practice, may  activate certain hormones near our tailbone and triggering chemical process which release a lot of heat energy. If the energy find blockage inside the channels  and cannot find way out,  the energy may destroy qi balance within the organs, dry up all liquid within or destroying neural cell due to overloaded energy.

However, mixing the Kundalini energy with qi from the air, may slow down  its current and provide the neural cells and organs to adapt with new level of energy. Therefore promoting balance in each organs and channel, though its slower to reach brain, but its is considered as a safe way to raise Kundalini energy. 

The problem with Hara point practice is, it is almost hard to find the exact location of this point. The text said, it is three finger below our navel. But, actually every one has different finger sizes, and its position may not be same for everyone, in addition it is quite hard to feel during meditation. When first practicing technique s with Hara point in meditation, we often misplaced it with our navel, then found no result in such practice.

If we correctly find the point, and able to guide qi from the air or Reiki, instant result will be achieved, though we still need more practices to stabilized our body energy and advance more in our spiritual practices.