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Do you believe in Reiki?

When a lot of people around the globe amazed with Reiki, there are some argue that Reiki is just hoax. At times it is a discouraging comments spreading skepticism around the web. Yes, it is quite discouraging, years before i felt i have been taking a bad pills by believing that Reiki can heal any diseases. Why? because every times i  lay may hand to give Reiki to my body or my patients, no diseases or illnesses can be heal.

Most of all, i felt better, then the pain, disease or illnesses would come back any moments, and left nothing to proof that Reiki just touch it. It was a discouraging moment, but i have strong intuition that something is not right, Reiki should be effective as sensei Usui said. It is not a custom for a meditator such as sensei Usui which seek enlightenment to tell a lie for the sake of profit.

So i keep practicing all Reiki techniques that i have received mostly from Gendai Reiki ho techniques. Months after months i still have no answers, until i received lesson on shamata meditation from Mingyur rinpoche, i began to understand that Reiki teachings which already spreading everywhere in the world is losing its key ingredients.

First, Reiki is rooting in meditation tradition, therefore its basic training before receiving Reiki should be meditation. In meditation you will learn about calming your mind, and stay aware with what you are doing. When doing Reiki in meditation state while keeping your mind calm may give you a dramatic result in healing process.

Second, diagnostic ability, this is an important skill which a Reiki healer should  posses but never taught by their Reiki masters. In Gendai Reiki, it is called byosen Reikan ho, it may took years to sensitize your hand and feeling to feel the hibiki (negative energy), that's why Reiki  Ryoho Gakkai not easily give Reiki level 2 teachings. Then, it may took another years to master Reiji ho, in which your hand and feeling sharp enough to detect the energy movement in human body and locate its source of disease.

Third, The theory of traditional Chinese medicine.
Who said that Reiki healing is just laying hand was a cripple healers, They can't heal anything beyond giving a relax muscle to clients. It is an important to note, that Usui sensei basic understanding of health is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory which differ greatly from  western medicine.

Its holistic view of health and inter-relatedness of organs in TCM  with its relationship to Qi  is a basic concept that a Reiki healer should have. Learning TCM we will understand what is Qi and how a human body respond to Qi, what is and ideal health is, and how to maintain it.

Try to accommodate those three key ingredients to your Reiki practice. Learn more and more, and try it your knowledge in TCM with Reiki practice to yourself and to others. You will find that what Usui Sensei said that "No diseases that can't be heal by Reiki" may be truth.