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The importance of no-thought in Reiki

In all Reiki traditions, it is taught that we need to let Reiki doing the healing process, and we do not need to use any will or intention to do healing. We've been taught this to avoid any negativity transferred from our patients to us. Also, any intention will become obstacles for Reiki energy flow, thus make healing process slower.

But, it happens that this is the most difficult thing to do in Reiki practices. First, how can we avoid intention when a desire to give Reiki itself is in-fact an intention? secondly, our emotions are triggered so hard when healing our beloved one and the last one, we want to have patients who pay for our services, we desperately need result or they want become our patients anymore.

I've doing  a lot of research in my internal psychology during meditations and treatment. So i want to share some of my thoughts. 

When we doing treatment with Reiki, we should remember that Reiki is a form of energy, which directly link to our energy body, therefore any form of thought within our mind may interfere with its flow, because our mind is also a form of energy. Logically if we have the healing mind within our mind, we won't get sick physically or mentally so easily, our mind energy may doing healing process in it self. But, our mind apparently is not always in a state where healing process can be triggered. That's why we need Reiki to balance and stimulate healing mind within our consciousness

So, that's why we need to be a pure channel of Reiki energy within our mind and body.

Now, how can we cope with emotions and intentions for results?
I tried with many techniques to control my emotions when giving Reiki to my family and loved ones, from affirmations, visualization.,etc. It all failed. 

Then i am doing just sitting meditation technique from Zen to understand my emotions better. What comes to my mind is quite en-lighting. I use to think that Reiki practices somehow may doing miracle healing with any illnesses i encountered, but Reiki is  a life energy it nourishes our cells and bring out our maximum potential within us which is not the physical body but our own consciousness. 

So, i begun to see life in broader sense rather than just physical body. 

Sickness, illnesses is needed in life. It is a warning system to prevent more damage to us or in humanity itself. Reiki help us to survive as expression of life rather than as an ego. Therefore, giving Reiki to eliminate disease and discomfort was irrelevance from the beginning.

We give treatments to patients, to connect them with the life energy itself, so they may consciously or unconsciously understand its own role in expressing the life. 

A healing process occurs as a sign that our cells begin to realize its own role and manifesting life through them. Our cells begin to willingly to live and to die as expression of life itself and rejoice in itself. 

When our cells heal, we as a human being also get healed and refreshed. 

I do not know how this can be understood, i hope this little thoughts may help those who needed it.