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My PCOS sister get pregnant

In the previous posts about PCOS, i wrote about my syster(cousin) who has diagnosed by her doctor that she get PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome). This PCOS has made her unable to conceive for years. Every methods have been tried to get conceived, but failed. The only solution left is tube baby procedure, however this method seem quite expensive for my sister.

Then, i heard that one of the main cause of PCOS is prolong and untreated inflammation. Therefore i offered my sister treatment with Reiki, cryptomonadales and transfer factor. Shockingly, her problem is not the only cause which causing her not be able to conceive, her husband got fertility problems too.

 Finally, after 2 years, full with expectation and the misery of such expectation, God seems smile at my sister and her husband. She got conceived 3 months ago. However, she is now 37 years old, her womb still got problems, she got bleeding every 2 weeks, we are quite worry about this. But, it is not in our hand anymore, what we can do is send Reiki energy and prayer in our heart for her and her baby safety.

 For those who got PCOS and try to conceive, i share what my sister and her husband treatment this past two year.

- April 2010, i offered my sister (cousin) to use cryptomonadales as supplement and distant reiki treatment.

- June 2010, my sister's husband diagnosed for having a little number of healthy sperm ( infertile), therefore he took cryptomonadales too.

 - September 2010, her husband drink fertility supplement a week before his sperm tested, and his sperm dramatically rise, 90% up. Unluckily, they didn't test before eat the fertility supplement, therefore we can not judge clearly, which one is having more influence in rising the sperm count and quality. However, since the fertility supplement usually take effect after 3 months, we believe that 80% it is because of cryptomonadales. I didn't treat her husband with reiki.

- October 2010, she get progesterone therapy from her doctor, then the number of matured eggs suddenly jump to eight, so the pregnancy program need to be aborted, because of the probability of all matured eggs get fertilized. 

- Februari 2011, i introduced transfer factor belle vie, to her. 

- March- April 2011, her period is in regular term, it means, she get period in 30 days regularly, previously she may get period in 45 days or more. 

- July, she got another progesterone shot for tube baby preparation, but get conceived naturally in a week. Now, her pregnancy is 3 months old, and have bleeding constantly for every 2 weeks. I hope she and her baby healthy.