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Austerity and freedom

For spiritual awakening purposes, many had gone to mountains, forests or monasteries to look inward in meditation. Therefore it raise a question for modern spiritual seekers, should they abandon worldly attachments or not to fulfill their aspiration?

Are you one of those ?

Within ourselves lies questions about our existence, purpose, and the existence of God. These questions alone has set many individuals to religions, gurus and temples.

There are answers, but now it seems every answers seem right, every religions has its own stand point, any gurus believe their path is the right one or the fastest one.

Some say abandoning our world desires completely is the key to spiritual awakening, is this true?

Well, though many masters are findings their spiritual awakening through austerity for a lifetime. It is just because they have to find it by themselves, more like creating a car from the wheel.

No one can taught them or guide them in a path, because there is none. They need to find the right path.

When someone able to formulate their findings, he attracted those who had similar interest to learn from them, thus a school of thought had begun.

However, distance was the enemy of the past civilization, to see a guru, someone need to walk months, then to practice what they have to learn, they may spend several years. In that circumstances, can you expect someone can take care their family well being?

That's why those spiritual seeker of the past had no family or abandoning one.

As time goes by, distance is no longer a problem again in modern age, therefore we do not need to leave family to fulfill our aspiration.

What we have to do is finding what method is suited best our situation. As no method is the perfect method for all, don't worry about having told that our path is the lesser path.

Remember, any path lead to one.