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Reiki and pranic healing combination

Recently, I read pranic healing book written by master Choa kok sui. Though it is quite different than reiki in its approach toward illnesses. It proves effective to heal, and a lot of testimonies were written to support how good this pranic healing techniques as energy therapy.

As reiki practitioners, I was taught to become the clear channel for reiki flows. However, just become the channel of reiki isn't enough to heal. One of elemental things forgotten in reiki teaching is the discharge of negative energy or known as hibiki.

What we have in reiki teachings, are the way to increase the flow of energy, but not how to utilize it efficiently. We were taught that reiki is automatically convert hibiki.

Master Choa, wrote in his book, that energy negative need to be discharge outside patient's body otherwise it needs a longer time to heal. This is also proved to eliminate healing crisis. Which almost occur during reiki healing.

Using this view, I tried to heal several illnesses from sore throat, ulcer, migraine, etc. It proves effective. The healing session rarely more than 20 minutes, because the recipients feel better in minutes after I started.

So, I believe reiki teachings are focused on energy power and flows. Pranic healing focus on healing techniques. Both can be combine to create a stronger healing system.

We can learn from master Choa insights and incorporate it into our reiki healing system, as our concern is our patients wellbeing not our pride.


Lion! said...

There are also some cleaning techniques in Reiki, but I Reiki people usually dont give much focus on that. I have tryied some Reiki cleaning techniques on myself, but I never felt any difference, so thats why I dropped them.

Do you clean energies now using a Reiki Technique, or a Pranic Healing technique?

I always hear that Pranic healing, if wrongly done, can cause great harms, and this makes me a little afraid about pranic healing. How was the experience with you?


Lion! said...

I believe there are some cleaning technique on Reiki, but usually people dont put too much focus on them.

Me, for intance, I have tried some, and after noticing that I didnt feel much of a difference,I stopped using them.

Do you use now cleaning techniques from Reiki or from pranic healing?

I often hear that pranic healing, if not done properly, can be very dangerous, so this makes me afraid of trying the techniques without a teacher (I dont have one).

How was this with you?



Husadareiki said...

In Reiki cleaning techniques such as reiki shower or hikari no kokyu ho, we prepare ourselves to become clear channels of reiki.

It calms the mind and emotions, makes me sensible more to hibiki,