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Health is a good orchestra

Reiki healing is like about conducting a good musical orchestra, where many different musical instruments play together harmoniously.

Think our mind as the conductor, the heart as the bass, limfatic system as violins, and the other instruments as other body's organs. If the conductor has drunk all night long, and has to perform in the following day, what kind of music can be produced?

Imagine the conductor does not understand enough about a good music all about or those who play the instruments are in bad mood,the orchestra will produce a bad sound.
If that orchestra is our organ then the bad sound is our auric field pattern when we get sickness.

To overcome this messy sound, we need someone or something to teach the orchestra about how to produce good and harmonious music. The fastest thing to teach is giving a direct example to follow. Then, we got Reiki, a harmonious vibration in the universe as pattern for our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to follow its vibration, and teach other organ to follow too.

What happened when all of our organs follow Reiki vibration lead, voila..... Miracle of healing