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Our other bodies

To think about our other bodies, will take us to the root of any religions. A believe that after death, our soul (our eternal body) will go to heaven or hell depending on our deeds while still alive. But, this time we are not discussing about it, we will discussing more practical approach in understanding our other bodies.

Let's think a little bit about cells within a body. In a cell, there is already a complete process of metabolism, which is taking in necessary substances and taking out unnecessary one. They live side by side with other cells and creating tissues then organ and finally our human body.

How, they organize themselves? Its still a major question within biologist. However, from a reiki practitioners perspective, which able to perform reiji-ho, there is a form of energy which hold every cells together.

This field have strong influence toward cells energy pattern, and may force the cells to emit a certain pattern. And in turn creating new cells based on such guidance.

This phenomenon, lead us to think that
Eventhough cells are independent, they are also following an influence from a subtle energy field.

And what is this energy, it is no other than our own consciousness which in essence is the glue that hold everything together.

When we directed our attention to give reiki to a specific body part, our consciousness give permission to cells attune to reiki vibration, and change how cells vibrate.

It makes us to think that maybe, mutation based on nuclear radiation is a natural thing within living things. So we need pay attention toward any electromagnetic radiation.

For me,this is the process of how reiki can heal as I understanding it.