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London Riot 2011

England is a country which make an Indonesian like me to think about a mature society where people respect each other and always in order. I was believing that this kind of riot which was done mostly by young people will never be happening in London, England's capital city.

I am deeply concern about the number of young people who become part of the riot. Do we as older ones gave bad example to them?

In one of article that i read about the riot, discuss about the probability of GTA (Grand theft auto) game has something to do with the riot. Curious with the article i bought a GTA game, i was so shocked that the game is about being a theft, looter, and killer.

Well, a game is not just a game anymore nowadays, with fantastic graphic sound a computer can give, it is become a simulation. Just like a pilot doing simulation training, our young people who play the game, is being trained to be theft, looter and killer subconsciously.

As Reiki practitioner i realized, that our own asset is our mind, it can be trained to be anything. Maybe those young people upset with the economic condition but to think about a hundred years ago, the depression is the same,but the determination and courage of such generation bring England as now it is.

With young generation's mind filled with riot, looting and robbing, how can you expect a brighter future?

It is important to filled our younger one with creativity, courage, determination and most importantly a reason to live. Inspire our young people with how the future will be, and we may have a lucky day to see it come true.

I wish there is no more riot like that in the future.So sad to think about it.