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Heal almost instantly

Most reiki practitioners experience situations where their treatments can not have direct result or might re-occur over time. But legends say that Usui sensei heal kobe's earthquake victims almost instantly.

Beside, Hayashi sensei, taught reiki to navy officers to be used as alternative treatment on the ship when lacking medicine. So, reiki treatment should be have direct result and almost instant, otherwise, it can not be used.

Then, how come we don't perform like them?

When I confronted with this question, I can only think that may be we lacked exercise or spiritual training until I learned that reiki practical healing techniques are still in oral tradition back in japan.

There is two things that need to develop in reiki. First, the amount of energy, this can be done through meditation and breathing exercise using reiki. Second, a practitioner need to develop reiji, an energy sensitive hand and intuition.

To me, reiji is very important for practical uses. It helps us to detect the source of illnesses through hibiki-energy negative- emitted by the illnesses sources.

This hibiki, need to be discharged, to be taken out of the body and purified. With ability to detect and purying hibiki, you may experience an almost instant healing with reiki.