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In the second symbol, sei he ki, sensei Usui tell us about the origin of suffering and how to get out from suffering. I think this symbol represent his Buddhist ideas.

To many, it is just a symbol to draw an energy that soothe emotional disorder, to other Reiki practitioners it is a symbol to connect with subconsciousness. To me, it is represent a teaching about balance, harmony and joy.

So, if this symbol originally is the teaching of suffering and how to get out from suffering just like sensei Buddhist's ideas, how we can understand it?

let's discuss it.

First of all, to borrow Buddhist philosophy, the origin of suffering is desire. If we happen to desire anything, there will be a subject which is "I" and the object "thing". This make an unbalanced condition within our consciousness, creating longing feeling within us, which can only be satisfied when the "I" meld down with the object of desire.

Now, if we can satisfy our desire by obtaining the object of our desire, then our suffering end.

However, the world always change. Our desire may not always find its object. So, our suffering continue and creating anger, frustration and depression.

From this point of view, it is logical that to end suffering either we can be one with the object or become desire-less.

The question is, can we after meld down with our object of desire become free from suffering forever?


Can we become perfectly desire-less?

The fact is, when we become one with our object of desire, our mind get used to with the object and desire more. So the cycle begin, desire, meld down, bored, desire.... This what the Budha called as samsara ( the never ending cycle)

However, we can not be perfectly desire-less, as we want to be desire-less, we are already in the state of desire.

Don't be confuse about this, this is really how our mind works. The essence of this teaching which depicted by sensei Usui in Sei He Ki is ending suffering by become one with the essence of life itself.

In essence the only one who desire is something " " that give life to us, the life itself. When it moves we moves, when it stay we stay. That what called balance and harmony.

In conclusion, Sei He Ki tell us about how to be one with life itself, realizing the truth that everything change. Only become one with everything we will find harmony within and compassion will spring from heart automatically.

Peace be with you