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Law of attraction in Buddhism

If you ever wonder, how can Law of attraction works? or what is the logic or principle in Law of attraction ?

Believe it or not, i have found it inside the teaching of the great teacher who live approximately 2500 years ago. Buddha Gautama.

In his days, Buddha Gautama taught about how we can end our suffering. His precepts are numerous and depend on the audience. However, one of his teaching taught about the process of creation.

It is different than any religions teachings today which taught that the process of creation are mystery of the creator. Buddha clearly disclose the process of creation and manifestation in his Pratitya samutpada ( dependent origination).

In this teaching, the first thing need to appear for any manifestation or phenomena is ignorance,

Ignorance means accepting something as real or something is not real. ( idealization and visualization process)

As we think about something is real or not real, our images are memorized as the basic of any experience further, this memories are called sanskara (memori)

From the memories, our consciousness arisen, make us realize the presence what we imagine inside our mind, this state called vijnana (consciousnes)

When we realize something, at the same time we began to differentiate things, able to discern one thing to another. Nama-rupa (name and form)

After we differentiate one thing from another, then we realize the concept of I, our ego arisen.
Ayatana (abodes)

Now as we have ego, we can contact, it means we can have relationship with something that we imagine as real, in other words we begin to see what we imagine as reality. Sparsha (contact).

Then, we have sensation, as feeling good, bad, or neutral about things that we imagine. Vedana ( sensation)

Such sensation, bring feeling of longing, we feel something we imagine is real and want to be in relation or contact, we are thirsty of what we imagine. Thrishna ( thirst)

As we unite with what we imagine, we do not want to separate with it. Upadana( attachment)

Then an entity exist, a combination of us and our imagination. Bhava (existence)

This combination bring manifestation (birth). In which by its own progress, will gather its necessary elements to make whatever the imagination come to life.

So, everything that Law of attraction taught us, basically is our own mental process. Even without our control it is doing the same thing.

But with this teaching we can control our own fate. Direct our mental forces toward things that we choose to manifest.

When mastered this, we will realize, that the universe is made with the same progress. As above so below, as within so without.