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The secret behind Reiki symbols

What is Reiki symbols? Do they have power on itself? or they just mere tools to help us understand something that do have the real power?

Now, i want to discuss about the secret behind Reiki symbols, especially the three first symbols of Reiki, Cho ku Rei, Sei He Ki and HZSN.

Eleven years ago, when i learning and practice Reiki for the first time, i am a little skeptic about learning Reiki symbols. I am afraid that it is just some kind of black magic teaching, and i do not want to learn something that can harm others with psychic powers, i believe its consequences are beyond my strength to bear. However, as i search about Reiki on the web and learning the history how Reiki is being discover, i am getting understood what is the meaning of those symbols.

The first important of Sensei Usui's discovery is the existence of Reiki, the ocean of energy within and without us, around us and within us. Then any knowledge about self and the universe was probably become known to him naturally. So, when he want to share his knowledge to his students, he understood that his knowledge may not be able to understand completely.

Inspired by the wheel of chakra within our energy system, he developed the symbol cho ku rei, to represent how energies are coiling while remain focus in manifesting the material world. Hence, he taught his students, that the principle of manifestation in material world is begin with thought from above and end up with manifestation downward which is symbolized by a coiling symbol.

It is not, that the symbol has its power, but the symbol represent our understanding about the nature of manifestation. When we get attunement about the symbol, realized or not, the knowledge about cho ku rei is also being transferred. I believe, this efficient knowledge transfer already present from antiquity, even Jesus was using this in baptism procedure. This phenomena, i believe will be become the hot topics in future.

As, the ocean of energy has ripples, our world which is only a part of its material manifestation do have up and down moments, nothing stay the same forever. Then, the harmony symbol tell us that anything goes up shall goes down and vice versa, everything change and evolve for the better. Sei He Ki symbol contain this teaching and taught us how to relax and attune to changes. Any misery and distress that we experience are the results of changes, only our acceptance about changes are the only remedy.

Do our discomfort and displeasure because of external conditions, so we can blame anyone and anything for our miseries?

The third symbol of Reiki, taught us that the happiness and misery do not caused by external caused but it is by our own conception of what happiness is. As we attach our happiness to a certain condition then our happiness is a subject to change, therefore we experience ups and down in life. In this symbol, sensei Usui taught us about how to end our misery from its root, which is from deep inside our own psyche. Here, the symbol also symbolizes the unconscious mind within us, who can only respond to any thought that we gave them.

Using, the third symbol, some says can heal beyond time and space, yes indeed. As the symbol also represent the root consciousness within us which connected directly with the universal mind, when we intent our mind to give healing to people distant to us, our intentions are creating a bridge to toward them, and a channel open for Reiki transfer.

When we heal backward in time, it means, we heal what it effects of that events in present day time.

When we heal forward in time, it meas, we heal what is happening in present day time, so the bad effect would not come or in reduce weight in future.

In conclusion, Sensei Usui's teaching is deeper than just a healing therapy, he want us to know and realize the inner music of life, which become the driven motive within the universe to move and to evolve. The eternal dance of life is meant to be enjoyed.

Peace be with you all