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Polycystic ovarian syndrome, an immune issue part 2

Though any treatment methods on polycystic ovarian syndrome are debatable as no one has the best answer,   scientists do have some clues about how it is developed and how to treat it. In my first post about PCOS, i discuss about the probability of inflammation that helps triggering the development of insulin resistance and i also try a treatment methods combining immune therapy and Reiki treatment.

After two months, my sister who developed PCOS, giving a slight of progress. She had no problems to have a regular periods compare with before the treatments begun. As the first signs of someone getting a PCOS is having period problems either absent period for some times or light bleeding that occur almost everyday, then this is an important sign that a good progress occuring.

Now, the main question remain is, can she still to be able to conceive naturally? that's a hard question for me to answer. Because, even though her menstruation is already normal, but i still do not know whether or not she can ovulate.

However, one thing that i discover about the use of 4life transfer factor product is, it is giving me a knowledge about the use of hormonal therapies by medical professionals to help restoring the lack of estrogen in PCOS patients. So, 4life transfer factor (Belle Vie), mimicking the medical professionals by including phytoestrogen in its ingredient. I do hope that the normal estrogen level in my sister may help her balancing hormones within her and help her to ovulate.

The role of Reiki in this treatment, perhaps is balancing her emotional state which may also become one of the culprit which triggering hormones imbalances within her. I also sense with Byosen, that my sister ovary is getting better and healthy. Last week she said, that she is quite happy with the development, and expecting a naturally conceive this month. If its not happened, then she will try artificial insemination in the following months.

Looking at her so desperately want to conceive, i just realize how precious our life is. It seems that life is not something that we can control, sometimes what we can do is wait and rely on the universe judgment to give us what we want or not.

May the force blessed you my sis!!