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Meditation made easy

To learn meditation is just like learning a bike. Though you may fail several times, but when you discover how to do it correctly the rest is just easier. For beginners, the most difficult for them to learn is how to enter deep relaxation state. It is because our modern culture do not taught us about how to let everything run on its own course, we were taught to control everything and bring results.

In china, the famous Monkey King's legend, symbolizes how our mind is just like a monkey,always jumping from place to place. When set free and unchecked,The Monkey King creates problems on heaven and earth. Then, to stop the Monkey King from hurting others, The Kuan Yin Pu Za(Compassion Bodhisatva) put a ring on the Monkey King's head which can shrinking tightly when The Monkey King is getting naughty. Luckily, we do not need to put a ring on our head to control our mind. There are many techniques and tools that can help us to put our mind in control.

The Ancient introduce the use of incenses to stimulate calmness and serenity, chanting mantras to focus our mind, breathing techniques to calm our nerves, gazing on fire, the use of musical instruments and many others. Though each techniques are different in how it affecting our senses, but they have similar purpose, to bring our agitated mind to relax and calm meditation state.

The Tibetan people, introduce to modern culture the use of what we now called singing bowls, it is made from alloy of copper and tins, which symbolizes the teaching of "the void". The special about this metal bowl is when you hit it, its sound is like vibrating inside your mind and bring down your agitated mind in calming state almost immediately.

No matter how bad your mood before practice meditation, when you start to begin meditation, hit this singing bowls and feel how its vibration is like healing your every single tensions and bring back clarity and calmness that you need during your meditation session.

In China, the bowls also use as a marker, to mark the beginning and end of a chanting session. It is widely known in Asia for bringing the sacredness feeling in our meditation, and purified our mind. Some therapists even use bowls to induce stress reduction and promote healing through the bowls' vibration.