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Life or money ?

Last week, a friend of mine, which i haven't seen him for a year long come to visit, and we have a lot of conversation, even a serious debate about what is the most important thing in life. What to be prioritize first ? and why or why shouldn't we rely on anything in this world ?

In short, my friend position is, Money should come first, if there is no money or material things, no life can be preserved, and we shouldn't rely on God, karma or anything, as it useless to bring out our desire result come true.

As for me, off-course i rely on life force, i propose an idea, that life should be accepted as it is, and the will of life from the life force within us urge as to live and growing. It is up to the life force that our goal can be success or not.

I believe many of you may think the same as us, and also wonder about how we should be govern our life that lead us to happy and prosperous life.

My friend said " Material things or money can solve any problems in my life, without it, i can not grow richer"

I said " Life force is the most important thing, if it say we live then we live, die and we die, when life force within us still say to us to be alive, any problem which seems impossible to solve will solve by itself miraculously"

My friend said" Through our own effort, plan and hard work, we can achieve success, if there is something stand before us we should devise a plan to overcome it and beat it "

I said " Through understanding how life force govern our mind and body, then how it operates in nature, we can devise a plan to reach our goal safely and effortlessly, if there is a hurdle within our path, we can turn around it, so it won't be a hurdle anymore "

My friend said " God or life force never answer to my pray, do not provide me a direct answer to bring more money to me as i need the money"

I said " God or life force can be depend on, as it answer us in silent in time of need. When the answer manifest, people see it as a miracle happening, many people prove that money or anything that we need come as it is given from heaven"

My friend said " It is only my effort and intelligent that bring luck and fortune, without effort any good things can't come true"

I said " When you trust the life force, your inner heart will tell you what you should do to achieve your goal,if you need to learn a special skill, then follow it, learn the skill, maybe you feel you need to meet someone or read something, just do it, when the time is right, you will feel that what you seek is coming to you by it self."

My friend said " Trusting God or life force is useless, being good is useless, as many wicked and cruel people can be succeed without being good"

I said " Well, we live in world governed by a set of natural law, anyone obey such law shall get what they want, God or the life force doesn't care whether people are good or bad by human standard, any one obey, they bear result. Trusting God or life force means that we acknowledged its law and try to live by it. So, there is none should judge another, let the God or life force judge such people, if there is no use for life force to maintain such existence, then something will happened to change the situation"

For me, either point of views are valid, because it is depicted what reality is. I can understand my friend's view as i often think about it too. However, life force within us is so great, as i learn and practice Reiki, i feel it stronger everyday.

There is no limit of what we can think and do, the good or bad just a name for an action that bring result that we like or not. It is a matter of choice, about what we want to create in this world. If the life force within us agree, what we want to create will be manifested.