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Stay healthy as Reiki practitioner

Last week, my best friend lend me a book, which titled The Microbe Factor: Your Innate Immunity and the Coming Health Revolution,written by a Japanese gastroentrologist, dr. Hiromi Shinya, Md.  The book tell a story behind our decreasing immune system caused by our careless in treating our environment. As gastroentrologist, he written that the key to our health and longevity is in our food, we need to pay attention to what we eat. However, it is a fact that every food in market today is already being manipulated in its production, either with antibiotics, fungicide, chemical fertilizers, etc.

Even vegetables and fresh fruits are decreasing in its vitamins and mineral contents. It seems that our effort to boost food production backfire to ourself. We will giving our money more to medical assistance than to our food in the end.

As we trapped in this food situation, yes.... i say trapped, because it is very difficult to find and make sure that the food we bought is healthy enough to eat. Our immune system work less efficient than our ancestors. Thus giving us a vulnerable conditions to virus and bacteria attack. Furthermore, the antibiotics, the weapon to fight infections and inflammation is facing resistance from many bacterias which it should effectively kill.

Now, as a Reiki practitioner, how can we solve this situation?

First, we need to understand that Reiki doing its first job in our mind and heart, as in Sensei Usui 5 admonitions, it is clearly stated in his admonitions, that heart full with joy and gratitude may hinder us from many illnesses and maintain our health.

it means, that we should be put more joy in our life than before, so we do not add the detrimental effect of environmental and food with stress factors.

Secondly, Try to have organics vegetables and fresh fruits more everyday. It is better to take fruits and vegetables more than giving more toxic to ourselves from red meat.

Third, educate ourselves to know which natural healing remedies or treatment which may help us to stay healthy and cure our illnesses naturally. Every chemical drugs that enter to our body is categorized as foreign, therefore become burden to our kidney.

Finally, do Reiki healing with 12 hand positions.

And i find to focus Reiki more on coccyx area for 30 minutes will act as immunity booster to your body. If you get fever, it will quickly cease. If you get cold, you will find that your body get recover quickly.

Maybe the coccyx area, which in Yoga tantra consider as base chakra(muladhara cakra) is the energy entry point within our body to activate directly with our immune system. ( Try it :) )

So, let the doctors help us when we really need, when our natural way of living can't help anymore in a desperate situation. In that way we can reduce cost of medicine, stay healthy and keep antibiotic effectiveness for desperate situation.

Peace profound.