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Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS), an immune issue?

Since last year, i've been treating my cousin's Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (pcos) with Reiki, really curious about how we can treat with Reiki. However, no amazaing result happen, i can feel hibiki coming from her uterus and ovarium, but just sending Reiki may not be enough to heal my cousin completely.

So i began to research what doctor said about PCOS, and finding some clues to treat my cousin. It is sad to admit that treating a person just with Reiki may not be sufficient enough to cure someone. Well, maybe any medical treatments have its on place as it perceive health from different perspectives.

Let's discuss what is PCOS and what i found from my internet research.

What is polycystic ovarian syndrome?
Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is categorized as endocrine disorders, which amazingly affected 5 - 10% of woman population. When a woman diagnose with PCOS she may experience a menstrual cycle disorder either irregular cycle or got no period (Amenorrhoea). Some woman also got acne problems and excess male hormone (Androgen).

The most unwelcome side effect of PCOs that my cousin had is infertility, she hasn't been able to get pregnant in almost ten years. That's why i am quite dedicated to do some research to help her.

What cause PCOS?
Shockingly, medical communities have a little clue about what cause PCOS, they do not have clear answer about it, it is still debatable. However, they guess that insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity are all strongly correlated with PCOS.

Based on this assumption, my cousin which have extra weight and her triglyceride level is quite high, but low blood sugar, suggested by her obsgyn to limit carbo intake and doing a lot of exercise. Sadly, this suggestion failed, she still have irregular mens and infertile.

Last year, she is doing hormone therapy, her doctor gave her progesterone to induce her follicle to mature. Her follicles mature quickly but eight follicles matures together instead of one, and this giving a problem to her, as the possibility of having eight fertilized eggs altogether is disaster, and she decide not to fertilized the eggs.

Then, the doctor gave her another option, which is called ovarian drilling,

"Laparoscopic ovarian drilling can trigger ovulation in those with PCOS, however it is a surgical treatment, and is presently considered more of a “last try” to be used in women who are still not ovulating after losing weight and taking fertility medications. A small incision is made at the belly button by the surgeon while you are out, under general anesthesia. A tube will then be placed in the incision to inflate the abdomen with a small amount of carbon dioxide gas to enable the surge to insert the laparoscope with no damage to your internal organs. Once the laparoscope is in place, the surgeon can look around your insides at your internal organs.

Once the surgeon is able to see your ovaries, he will do the ovarian drilling—the goal is to destroy the testosterone producing tissue of the ovary. There are generally small follicles which are visible on the surface of the ovary; this is where the electrical or laser energy will be directed, as this is presumed to be the spots where hormone production is at its maximum. Your surgeon will make anywhere from 4-20 holes in each ovary, which are approximately 3 millimeters wide and 3 millimeters deep."(

Because it is risky, my cousin do not want to continue her treatment with ovarian drilling procedures.

Lately, i've found that, seeing the cause pcos just from obesity perspective is not enough, because there is another perspective. Which is coming from immunology perspective. It said, that the cause of hormonal imbalance in woman that caused pcos is coming from insulin resistance, which is triggered by inflammation

"Researchers have since shown that TNF-alpha—and, more generally, inflammation—activates and increases the expression of several proteins that suppress insulin-signaling pathways, making the human body less responsive to insulin and increasing the risk for insulinresistance. "(

With new understanding,then i begin to treat my cousin with following procedure

1. Reiki: I begin to treat coccyx area longer with Reiki, as this area generally improve immune system response.

2. Nutritional: Cryptomonadales, a type of blue green algae from Taiwan, which consist of many nutrients and also natural ppars gamma agonist.

3. Inflammation: 4 life belle vie. Targeted transfer factor, which said to be able to increase immune system to cease down inflammation.

It's also under monitor of her obsgyn, well it is an alternative methods, worth to try, i will come back with result someday.

Peace profound