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Jesu said in Matthew 7:7 — Ask and ye shall receive.

In Bible, Jesus said "Ask and ye shall receive" (Matthew 7:7), those words are powerful words to guarantee that there is a God as a Supreme being is looking after our life, and will never abandon us. Since Jesus times, those who believe such words have testified that God has answered their pray and help them during trouble times.

Interestingly, in other religions,in different words and form also taught about this words. Miracles happen everyday and everywhere.

"Could there be something universal which become the fundamental truth behind every religions on earth?"

It was an enlightened dinner i ever had in my life, as i walk in into the restaurant, i am worry about what happened to my financial life if we always buy dinner at such restaurant. However, as my wife is pregnant with our first child, i didn't have heart to reject her request to dine at her favorite restaurant. So, with consent in my heart i was agree with her to dine at the restaurant.

When our order came to us, i reluctantly eat it, cause i thought that it might be the last time we will be affordable to eat in such restaurant. I keep thinking about it continuously and felt my neck getting stiffer. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, i had an inspiring thought as i feed my mouth.

My mind flashback to many experiences during my life times, and felt so grateful that if a single moment lost in my life, my life would be different. Considering that many risk available in our life, and we can still eat for the last time, i can not think anything but blessing that i have received during my life.

I also realize, that my life getting like this, is not somebody fault or God fault, but it is because i never expect my life bigger, wealthier or healthier than this. In other word,i never grateful of my own dreams, and never regards it as good one, instead i always take somebody dreams to follow.

With heart filled with joy and gratitude, i live my life in a new vigor and hope. Then miracles continuously happen to my life, and still continue to happen.

There are only two changes in my mind,

1. I understand that if we don't expect anything, anything would not happen.
2. Improvement only come after we grateful with today circumstances, as extension of our life.

Maybe your life is in peril and distress, but maybe it is the only way, that God through suffering trying to tell us about what should we want about our life.