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Free download: The Kybalion, Hermetic philosophy

Long ago, scientist and spiritualist are the same. They dwell inside the temples, contemplate on nature's laws. For them, the nature gives them insight and inspirations, they found the universe are build from certain laws. There is no creatures on earth can escape from such laws.

Among the great scientist of the past, stood one name before the others, Hermetis Trimegistus. His wisdom reach every corner of the ancient world, from Greek to China before Christ even born.

His teachings are called Hermetism or Hermetic philosophy,

He taught about inseparable unity among everything. Everything in the universe are manifestation of something that called " All in All".

Fenomena is just mental product. Maybe the root of "Law of attraction" teachings are comes from this philosophy, no one know.

If you interested to know what is hermetic philosophy talking about, you may read "The kybalion"
its free as it is in public domain.