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A daily Reiki exercise

Though energy work in Reiki is simple, but to maintain and strengthened Reiki flow within us, we need to dedicate an hour or two to do some Reiki exercise.

The question is, Reiki has been developed into so many style with a lot of techniques and symbols, so what Reiki style and techniques to be practiced?

Many Reiki masters has its own answers, but to me, we need to go back to what Reiki is in the first place which is a technique to connect our soul to the heart of the universe through meditative state of mind.

Therefore, we need to eliminate unnecessary techniques every time and enter into deep meditative practice in the end.

To do so, i offer a simple guideline to practice Reiki daily

1. To do self healing
         whether you are already pass level 1 or shoden in Reiki, you still need to practice self healing to yourself, because self healing soften the muscle and bring clarity to your physic quickly, this is an important step before any further exercise.
2. Cakra cleansing method
         In Gendai Reiki ho we use Cakra Kassei kokyuho technique but you can use any technique to cleanse cakras in your own Reiki styles. Clean cakra help you feel balance and fresh. Bring clarity to the mind
3. Light breathing exercise
       This technique put our consciousness to Tan tien and at the same time deliver Reiki energy to whole body area, you will feel a heat sensation and your cakra get more active.
4. Gasho meditation
       At last, the last menu in this exercise. It is purely a meditation practice aiming to melt our consciousness with Reiki consciousness. Gasho means, that in original Reiki tradition this meditation was conducted in Gasho position, both hand in prayer position in front of the chest ( namaste position).

Where is the symbols? well symbol can be used just before start the entire practice, it use is to assist you in your practice. Don't think that the symbol is sacred, it is only a helping tool, the most sacred in the end is your connection with the Most Highest within you.

Peace and prosper