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When what you desired hasn't come yet.....

Some people believe with their heart that Law of Attraction work for themselves, other sceptically say that the law doesn't work after trying so many times and not having their wishes fulfilled. Upset with the conditions of their life, people seems trying to find an easy way out,but if they think that Law of Attraction give them a sudden solution, think again.

The Law of Attraction also known as The Law of Karma, it is work based on cause-effect relations. It means that nothing happened without any cause, to make something happened in our life, we need to gather sufficient causes.

Here are some tips " When what you desired hasn't come yet....?

First, You need to understand that The law of attraction are the law of cause and effect, and the main cause of everything is thought. When we thought of something,our thought vibration spread in all directions, and may get response from the universe which are collection of consciousness within everything surround us. Just like a sound reflected as an echo, our thoughts are reflected back to us by the universe.

To make the echo reach to us faster, we need to strengthened our thoughts vibrations by doing the same thought over and over again. The more we think about what we want the stronger the vibrations are. One way to do this, is by doing visualization in detail of what we want and do it everyday.

Secondly, the most problems in doing LOA is when we want something to happen, we get attachment with what we want, and getting worried whether it is happening or not. This is a bad thing to do. As you worry, you think about you don't get your stuffs unconsciously, and your nerve system start to vibrate accordingly.

To overcome worry of not getting of what you want, you need to relax and try to these things i suggest:
- Proving the effectiveness of LOA by asking smaller stuffs, we get worry sometimes because
we don't know how it works, and how reliable LOA is. Asking smaller stuffs, will lessen
the burden and make you enjoy the process. When you already get enough proves, then you
may start to think something bigger to ask.

- Use LOA in a desperate circumstances, nothing prove to us better about LOA beside doing
LOA in a desperation. If you can prove to yourselves that the universe response your
request in a desperate conditions, you will trust wholeheartedly in a normal condition.

Third, to make the result of you asking come even faster, you need to start giving, by giving to you make relations. With good relations, anything can be done smoothly. If i said about giving, it is not just giving to people, but also to anything surround us whether it is your stuffs, your pet, or nature. Below are something that you can give:
- Attention, pay attention to your already possessed stuffs, and you stuffs will be in a
condition when you needed it.
- Care to your pet, and you will find that your pet can cure your distress heart when it is
- Create a proposal that will give other people extra money, and suddenly you got a business of
your own.
- Pray for wellbeing of any creatures on earth, and find that you are not alone.

Anything that we given, either it is mentally or materially, will create connections with whatever we given to. And when it is maintained, may make everything we asked come faster. Because only from them, we can receive blessing from the universe.