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Treatment on influenza

As Indonesia still in rainy season during February, i find that a lot of people get cough and running nose. They say that this year rain are heavier than before, not mention the strong wind which usually accompany the rain, makes your body chill. The sad thing is, between rainy day, there are also clear and a very hot day. So, there is no weather consistency anymore in Indonesia, and this is bad for your immune system. No wonder, everyone get cough and running nose.

I thought Reiki can protect your body to stay healthy,but if you drive it too much, you will end up sick just like anybody else. However, Reiki does help you recover quicker and make your body resistant with the same problem in the future. I believe Reiki can strengthened our immune system to a certain point.

Well, last week, i found myself busy taking care businesses and often came home late at night. Though i felt cold inside, i can't relax yet after everything done. Just after everything was done, my body can't stand anymore tense, i got running nose, and cough. But, i recover in just 3 hours without fever.

Here are my tips for treating cold and influenza with Reiki

1. Set for a couple days as your resting time, don't do anything, just try to have a lot of
sleep during these days. When sleeping, your body regenerate cells, including your immune
2. Don't drink cold water, it makes your running nose worst
3. Drink ginger and tea 3 times a day.
4. Treat with Reiki on your heart first, feel your heart beating, and let Reiki pour and fill
your heart. You will eventually feel your heart and chest warmer, and your running nose get
5. After treating heart, treat your hara point, 3 inches below navel for detox for 30 minutes
6. Then treat your head, front, side and back. Then have a nice sleep.

Usually the symptoms get better in 3 hours, and disappear completely after 2 days.