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Why Law of attraction don't work on me?

Living in this world, for so many people are not easy. Therefore, "The Law of Attraction" teachings are something which people loved and can not be missed, as it promises change and improvement in our life.

There are so many proves out there, any outstanding success figures in the world use the principle of " The law of attraction" consciously or unconsciously. The more success they are, the more they are willing to go for more success.

Unfortunately, there are people who feel being left behind. While they see many people had success, their life seems has no improvement, still broke and miserable. They said " Why law of attraction don't work on me?"

I've tested the law, and here are my findings

Though it seems easy to change life based on the teachings, but in reality we need more than just courage, but also determination to break down any barriers. We talk about habits here. Our present conditions were created by our old habits, especially mentally. Therefore in Reiki we are taught to use Nentatsu ho for changing our old thinking habits.

Remember, your present conditions were created for a long period of time, more than a year, perhaps your entire life. I felt a great battle within my own mind and feeling when practice the law for the first time. It was a terrible moments, my head went dizzy all the time.

We discuss about habits, because the prerequisite of working with the "law of attraction" is a constant thinking and feeling good about what we want. However,most of us were taught since childhood about how scarce money is, and how the world has so many unending problems, or many bad politicians steal and cheat on us, etc. But, the most destructive teaching we ever had is when we are taught that having desire for more is not good and we need to satisfy with whatever we have right now.

Suppressing such desires later on manifest as jealousy, discontent, anger, frustration and lust. It is natural for having a desire for more, without desire for more, there will be no improvement and growth. Because our cells want more food, therefore they can build a strong adults like us.

People taught us not to dream about having more to protect us from grief when we don't get what we want. Seldom we are taught, that there is a creative force around us and within us which we can rely on and response to our dreams and goals. Such force, nurture and teach us the way of the nature, through mistakes and failure. We are guided by the force to whatever we dream of.

So, there are 3 reasons why the law may seems not working
1. Do not know what to desire because don;t dare to dream
2. Do not realize and rely on the creative force of the universe.
3. Unable to stay focus on what we dream of.

Reason number 3 are critical for activating the law of attraction. Focusing with all of our mind and heart on what we dream of are very difficult to do. If we change every minute what we dream of, the universe will not answer our dream.

We need focus, creative force in the universe has its own time to gather necessary elements and circumstances to manifest your dreams. The universe Consciousness is trying to protect us by trying to improve our being to be match with what we dream of. Therefore, until we are ready to receive what we dream of, we have to wait and improve our self.

The law of attraction work as matchmaker. Demand must meet supply. If you want more, therefore you need to have capacities to receive more.

Understand this, and see the law work. It works on me, and shall you.

To improve your understanding, i've found this book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires written by Esther Hicks,