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Shinpai suna - don't worry

When i read Sensei Usui's admonitions, i thought it was the same as many good advices available everywhere and i didn't give it a second thought. Everybody knows, that anger and worry are the best stress related illness producers. On the other hand, gratitude, work hard and kindness are the best positive thinking we can generate to make our life meaningful.

I never thought before, that those admonitions are the key to understand Reiki practices, and how Reiki works. You may call that it is the utmost secret of Reiki, though it is not a secret(available to everyone).

Among those 5 admonitions, the hardest one to follow might be "don't worry", worry stem from our fear of something bad will be happened to anything we dear. Our life, our family and our belonging are all possible sources of fear and worry. However, it is not meant that by discarding everything we own, we will not worry anymore, because many ascetics, who already free from worldly things, often still feel worry in their mind. They worry about desiring something and losing its peaceful state.

Sensei Usui taught that we should not worry about our life. It is not meant that you have to discard everything that define you. He meant that what you worried about is not real, what you thing as your possessions are not your possession after all, as you can't keep it when you die someday.

He also taught, that we are part of the great universe, the great live, which is the source of our consciousness. When we connected with the universe and align with it, the universe will not let us alone and suffer.

What the universe need to protect us from miserable life, is our trust that its decision about our life is for our best. Ask and it is given, you can ask whatever you want about your life, and the great universe will seek for you the way to whatever you asked for without bending any natural laws.

Do not think that we are better than the universe of knowing the shortest path to our objectives. On the contrary, the universe are the one alone who knows what best for us in the right place and time. Therefore, Sensei Usui taught us not to worry of anything, because when you connect to the universe, the universe will protect you and fill your life with joy.

The same principle also apply when you doing a Reiki session. As you lay your hands on you patients, rely on the universe to heal the patients, don't do any effort, don't worry that it won't work, just trust the universe. Let anything flow effortlessly. You will find, that it is the secret of Reiki