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Amitabha Buddha in Reiki

When the first time i receive DKM "Dai Ko Myo" Symbol, i was curious that it might have some connection with figure Amitabha Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism. DKM symbol is made of 3 Japanese Kanji characters Dai means Great , Ko means Light, Myo means Very bright. If you connect all those 3 characters, you may find " The great light which shine very bright".

Now, how about Amitabha Buddha, they say, Amitabha Buddha was once a human being, then he made 18 vows to liberate all sentient beings from samsara. In his vows, he will take everyone who chants his name to his Sukhavati heaven where everyone can practice dharma easily toward liberation.

So what is the connection between Reiki and Amitabha Buddha?

Amitabha Buddha, also known as "The Buddha of infinite light" and also as Amitayus " The buddha of infinite life". Buddhist practitioner especially from Mahayana lineage and Tibetan honored and pray to Amitabha Buddha, so they can be born in hi s Sukhavati heaven, and practicing dharma from therein.

Well, at first, i felt the myth and legend about Amitabha Buddha is not having any practical and philosophical background, i was thinking that it is some kind that you need to believe.

However, later on i found that D.T. Suzuki(The one who popularize Zen teaching in the west), wrote a book about Amitabha Buddha and Zen perspective about it. It quites surprising, since Zen do not attach to anything even to Buddha for enlightment. Zen practices always surround on zazen(just sitting meditation) and koan, they also don't rely on scriptures and sacred texts.

According to D.T Suzuki, Amitabha Buddha is a symbol of the primordial energy which shape our universe. It is the source of energy which make us alive. Its manifestation are numerous, from the sun until parents which always support and nurtures us.

If we think we are alive, then there are always some forces who supports us. Therefore, as energy in the universe is unlimited, Amitabha Buddha was also called as Amitayus " The Buddha of infinite life" and because energy and light are the same, Amitabha Buddha was called " The Buddha of infinite light".

So, from this perspective, Amitabha Buddha is not a superficial being, just created to satisfy people hunger for a deity who can save them, but it is a symbol of universal consciousness and energy which reside on us an in everything we see, hear and experience.

After receiving attunement for Reiki Shoden, we are told that Reiki is life energy which reside in the universe and within us, and the attunement process is only to awaken such energy to be used for healing and spiritual purposes. In level three, we receive DKM symbol and its meaning. We also have Sensei Usui Epitaph which told us how sensei Usui knowing Reiki for the first time through meditation and fasting.

With such facts, what is the relation between Reiki and Amitabha Buddha? :)