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Working with law of attraction

I always admire Rhonda Byrne's film, "The Secret", i have watched the movie hundred of times perhaps, though not everyone agree with the content and ask septics questions about whether "The law of attraction works or not.

Can you believe it? You can be whatever you want, and you can have whatever you want just by thought of it..... It seems ridiculous at first, but nothing can be gain without the first step can't we? So despite many criticism from my friends and family about "The secret" i continue practicing what the movie prescribe.

Well, after many trials i found my own understanding about " The Law of attraction" that work. Do you want to know?

I've been trying the use of the law in these circumstances:
1. Asking for rain.....Succeed
2. Asking for an apple....Succeed
3. Repeat asking for an apple...Succeed after 2 days
4. 3rd repeat asking for an apple.....Failed
5. Mentally asking for a car park in crowded festival....Succeed
6. Asking money in 5 days.....30% succeed
7. Asking great money continuously come.....( Suddenly get first business, tons of idea, etc.) "i think its still in the progress.

8. Married in 2 years....Succeed
9. Having a boy baby.....Succeed
10. Finding how to make great vegetarian meat....Succeed

so, above list are things in my life that i worked with " Law of attraction". It seems to me that the universe is like matchmaker.

When you asked something, the universe will try to figure out how to connect you with what you asked. If an apple you asked, the universe will find out is there someone who you can connect in order to give you the apple.

And, there is always a reason why this people can be connected to you, here, the principle of contribution apply. For example, If you helped someone in the past, or having a good relations with someone in the past, maybe you gave him/her something and not get something in return. But, now, He or she has more apple and start to think about giving it to someone, suddenly your name pop up in his/her mind.

So, whatever you gave to people, is never gone, it just come back to you more.

Now, what happened when you were so stingy before, and never gave to anybody or making a good relations with anybody before? don't worry, start over with good deeds now, the universe will count it, and suddenly the law will work well with you.

Yeah off course, the universe will tell you by inspiration, that you need to do this first, do that first, learn this first, meet this people firs, etc. By the time you finish doing things which your inspiration tell you, are in a direction to have what you desire and what seems to be just a dream before, is now something that can be achieved. Amazing isn't it.

The things that seems disturbing the law of attraction to work is:

1. Doubt
2. Not knowing about what we really want
3. Want to know how the universe arrange the things for us
4. Unable to feel gratitude and connected to universe.

As my third request for an apple failed, maybe i just doubt that the universe will grant me this time because inside i think like " this can't be true, no one can be lucky all this time without any consequences" and starting to doubt.

When experiment with finding my favorite parking lot, i change my request by asking" i have a good site for parking my car every time i want to park" then forget about it, and start to feel gratitude about whatever parking lot available for me to park.

But, i always get my favorite parking lot, better parking lot, and a parking lot no matter how crowded it is. So, i am not mentally asking for every time i need a parking lot, but for every time i need parking lot in my life, and i just feel gratitude every time i get my parking lot.
"Unable to feel gratitude" and "want to know how the universe will work for us" just to check how reliable for us create anxious feeling within us, depressed us, frustrate us for immediate relieve, therefore may lead us to do things which we will regret in the future.

To remedy this situation, i do this:
1. Enjoying the things whatever you do when you feel this anxious feeling,whether it is eating, talking with someone, listening to the music, etc. ..just enjoy it
2. Feel gratitude after you feel enjoying your life,its definitely connect you with the heart of the universe.
3. Thinking the opposite situation of your worrying things. If you worry about lacking money, think about having money and its possibility.

Enjoying things, is a wonderful moment, because just by enjoying things, you will feel blessed and gratitude starting blooming within you.

When you feel blessed and gratitude within you, it is time for you to create within your mind the situation and the things that you want, The energy is there- and with your direction from your visualization of what you want.

What you wish is what you get.....

May Reiki be with you...


Anonymous said...

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Thanks for your post. Interesting reading.