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Tao, the way of non action

At first, i didn't understand why Tao, the most popular philosophy in China can be implemented in life. Tao, teach about how non-action mind state can lead to harmonious life and every problems that we face will eventually fade by itself.

We got tons of problems in life. Our life depends on many things which change overtime, there are things to worry about, from our debts in local grocery stores to unpromising economic conditions or from family matters to national matters. Everything in our life is in constant changing, what we seems as stability is just a condition before change take occur.

So, many actions required to stay balance with our life, with our lifestyle and with everything that we dear. There is no possible way for ourself to be inactive, unless we want to face the risk losing what we hold dear.

But, Tao....Suggest the other way around, non-action to solve problem. How this "non-action things" can solve our problems? your problems?

Well, Tao philosophy source is Tao the ching, a book contain around 5000 chinese ancient character wrote by Lao Tzu. In his life, what Lao Tzu teach didn't understood also by many commoners, even Confucius didn't take credit to it until He finally realized its truth in later years of his life.

Lao Tzu teaching was not listened, and he was disappointed with people and starting into an exile for becoming a hermit. Fortunately, before he went out of the city's gate, the chief guard who get the information that this great sage is leaving, rashly leave his post and asked his subordinates to stop the sage from leaving. He greet the sage and tell him that if he leaves now without leaving his teaching, no one would benefit from it and asked the sage to write down his teaching otherwise he won't let the sage from leaving the city's gate.

Lao Tzu agreed, he camped near the city gate, and starting to write down his philosophy. After completing the book, Lao Tzu left the city and no one ever seem to saw him again late.

So, what's in it, Lao Tzu said there is something so big, shapeless, filling the universe within and without, which can not be named. When we named it, the name itself is not sufficient enough describing it, but for the purpose of communication, he called it "TAO" or the way.

He believed that anything in the universe is in order, following certain law. Nothing is essentially permanent, everything was born, mature and dissolve by itself. The Tao maintain everything, evolved everything without effort as everything follow its own nature.

Therefore, any action created without understanding Tao, interfere with the nature's process which will lead to new problems.

To understand the Tao, it is better using a river as analogy. The river knows where its heading,when hit the barriers, it doesn't breaking directly instead it goes around it and continue its journey. When stop, the river stop, collecting power, waiting for the best opportunity to flow again.

My understanding of tao the ching is similar when i understood " Law of attraction".It is not meant, we don't do anything, but we trust the law of the universe, and act based on it rather on our will.

If you have problem,think about the solution, clearly state within your mind the ideal conditions and situation, then forget it, let the universe guide you to where you want to go. Let the spontaneous and natural action expressed itself. Then you will find, that every problems dissolve itself naturally effort less.

Tao the ching and law of attraction is so similar, if you understand tao you will understand law of attraction vice versa.