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connecting to the universe

When we first received Reiki attunement, we think we are attuned to a healing energy sources, seldom we think that we also attuned to the heart of the universe itself.

Sensei Mikao Usui, in his interview, telling about how Reiki can help people stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, therefore after receive Reiki's blessing, we can not do anything but gratitude toward the universe.

It is also said, that the first Reiki communities, face great difficulty to maintain their status as Reiki practitioners or masters among societies in general because they believe differently with other people.

But, as Sensei Usui wishes, Reiki spread through Hawayo Takata and back to Japan. Finally, Reiki can be accepted in modern times, and the descendants of the first Reiki communities may open themselves and share some of their teachings.

Reiki can be seen as a bridge to connect our consciousness with the Universe Consciousness which set everything in harmony and order. This Consciousness always in a state of harmony and balance.

This consciousness, is the same as what Rosicrucian's call as Cosmic consciousness or common people called God, but contrast to the concept of God, which has a personality and apart from everything else, seeing us as His creation. Cosmic consciousness or the Universe consciousness is being seen as the seed of all consciousness, therefore any creation are part of it with the same quality, the differences are on the scale.

To describe it better, we are drops of water, and the universe is the ocean. With Reiki attunements, our direct link to the universe strengthened, widen and fortified. That's why we can send healing energy to ourselves and others. In fact, we can also send our images of what we want through this channel and inform the universe about it. This is how Reiki can enhance "Law of attraction". Imagine, a toll access compare with an ordinary road. Then, the Universe will answer your wishes wisely. :)