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Boosting your Reiki

I have found in the internet, that Reiki being researched by NCAA to seek its scientific proved of its effectiveness against many illnesses. It is good, i just thinking that maybe when the proved enough already, Reiki treatment can side by side with medical treatment to improved the quality of medication.

However, Reiki effectiveness may different from one to another, depending on how diligent you trained,which attunement level you already acquired, your sensing ability, and which kind of Reiki energy you channels. Those are variables that determined whether or not a Reiki treatment effective. Therefore, a Reiki test, should be taking account those variables.

Meanwhile, for those who just taking first level of Reiki attunements from any Reiki schools, i would like to discuss a method to greatly increase your Reiki energy and sensitivity.

Reiki as we know today, is a by product of spiritual quest of Sensei Mikao Usui. In fact, as explain in his epitaph, he sees Reiki a his method to help people in their spiritual quest while enjoying good health and prosperity.Therefore, when we want to channel more Reiki energy, we need to improve our relationship with our spiritual nature.

Different from western view, that seeing the spiritual world exist outside themselves, like a different dimension of existence to enter, the eastern perspective see the spiritual dimension lies within their own mind and heart. It is already there within us. What we have to do is able to realize this and listen its voice.

To be able to do this, we need to calm our mind, relax our body and letting our mind find out its own nature. This well describe by Mingyur Rinpoche "Meditation and non meditation". His method is simple, but sound. Connect directly to our spiritual nature, which lies in our own mind.

Believe or not, the amount of Reiki energy that you can channel is in alignment with how you realize your spiritual self. That's why when we want to improve our healing skill, we need to follow sensei Usui's step in his spiritual quest by practicing meditation.

As we enter deeply into meditation, our senses getting stronger, and we may perceive Reiki energy differently. Your sensitivity to illnesses also sharpened. There are knowledge which can only be understood during deep meditation, such as how energy shape our body and become the template of our existence.

Yes, it is sound like Buddhist teaching. Reiki was found by Sensei Usui,in his quest for enlightenment, a Buddhist ideal, with Buddhist way of meditation. But, don't be discourage if you are not a Buddhist, and found that the Buddhist ideal awkward.

The idea of meditation is simple and universal, what we can achieve during meditation is also universal. Whether you believe or not in Buddhist teachings, doesn't effect anything with your achievement.

I would like to say,that doing meditation with Buddhist method doesn't mean that you change your faith. In fact,after understanding our own mind, we can deeply see what God truly is. Your perspective about the world widen and the wise spirit within you awaken.

With such spiritual understanding and alignment, your Reiki will be boosting to the max.