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The master key system

Have you ever read a book titled The Complete Master Key System (Now including 28 Chapters)
, by Charles F. Haanel? The book describe a lot about how to think properly to achieve success. It is said that many success entrepreneur get succeed by inspiration of this book, that's include Bill Gates, Anthony Robbin, etc.

There are a lot of self help book available in stores, that's why i don't interested with this book in the beginning until my dad buy me one and said, "This book is good for you" and place it on the table. I just reply "ok, i'll read it later" then not pay attention to it anymore. But, few days later, i just came home from work and need to relax a little bit, my eyes suddenly found this book which already there on my table for few days.

Then, after read few pages, i felt need to read more pages. I was interested on how Charles F. Haanel explain about mind and its connection to many phenomena and situation within our life.

As i practice everything that the book prescribe, i found that it is answer my lifetime question about what is the relationship between spiritual training, Reiki and my life.

Don't you think it is great that whatever we thought about and visualize about are made to come to reality by the " Law of attraction" as long as we have faith to it.

The more we used the law of attraction our life, we will become more understanding about it and how Reiki will boost it