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How to Gratitude

Hi guys, I have a story to tell you about gratitude. If you like the "Law of Attraction" theory, this story is probably for you. Here is the story:

Long time ago in china, lived an old man with his 2 grandson. Many years had passed since the children's parents died. It was a common things, to found many children parent less, they lived in during wartime age, an age, when many warlords fight each other and destroyed many villages.

Everyday, the old man taught both of them about the great universe that take care of them and people should gave thanks for anything in their life. It was a custom for them to gave thanks before they eat and work in the farm.

However, The elder brother seems not listening to the advice, and always eat before prayer, and work in the farm earlier just because he won't his grandfather told him to pray first before work.

His brother, listened to the advice, and say thanks before eat and work. He was so accustomed to it, and can't even eat or work if he didn't do the prayer first.

Then, one day, the local warlord came to the village, and he found the farm where the old man and his two grandson work. He was curious about how the old man's farm bear more result than his neighbor's. Then he asked the old man about how his farm can bear more results, and the old man said that it was his great pleasure to have two great sons with him, it was their hard work that made the farm bear great result.

While talking with the old man, the warlord notice that, the farm was very well irrigated, and there were many tools that he were never saw before. He asked the old man about it, and the old man said it was his elder grandson did it, he made the tools and made irrigation plan to water the farm.

Amazed by the answer, the warlord took the elder brother with him, so he can work in his farm and apply his innovation. While the younger brother still stay in the village.

After few years, the elder brother became famous as he was appointed as a new agriculture minister.

Hearing the news, the younger brother ask his grand father, why his fortune were lesser than his brother even though he pray more than his older brother.

The old man said, though your brother don't like pray with his mouth, he realized how important food was, and he felt the blessing of the universe in every grain he ate. Therefore, though he never pray before work, he always worked longer in the farm to make sure that everything was done.

And, he always believed that his life was blessing for everyone, and he tried as hard as he could to increase grain production by creating new tools and irrigation plan so he can see many people get feed.

With all of that, the elder brother say gratitude with his heart and deed. He just mastered the essence of gratitude which is, " To enjoy".