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Materialize your desire

Yesterday, i found an article which tell a story about a holy man, upon entering the heaven, he see a lot of boxes around the door of heaven. Those boxes wrapped beautifully as it meant to be given to someone birthday. Then he see a lot of angels come out from the heaven door and piling up more boxes around the heaven door.

Curious with this, he ask an angel," why they put so many boxes around the heaven door". The Angel say, "Those boxes fill with anything that human prayed for, but when we want to deliver it, the human who pray for it no longer desire it anymore, so we just pilling up on the heaven door."
Sometimes, it is not because God or The Universe don't answer your pray, but it is because we no longer have focus on it and change our want too often. If you are a Reiki practitioner, i want to share some insight on how to use Reiki to materialize your desire.

Based on the law of abundance,anything in the world created abundantly, more than enough for everyone. Just because we don't realize it yet, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

For me, abundance is everywhere,anything that you do will result more than you expected, either it is for good or bad deeds, therefore we need to choose whether we want good abundance or bad abundance. You need to know what your desire really is, first. Contemplate how your desire meant to you, why do you want what you desire. This will give you strength quite enough to stay focus.

After you have enough mental strength to stay focus, be relaxed and visualized in detail the object of your desire, let your imagination lead your feeling toward your object, enjoy your oneness with your visualization with feeling good.

Then, if you are not Reiki practitioner,take a deep breath, and while you realized your breath, imagine your visualization spread to universe and say "If God/Universe agreed with it, then it is done".

For Reiki Practioner, after you made your visualization, give Sei He Ki then Cho Ku Rei after that send Reiki, and let Reiki work for you, don't use any will anymore just relax and say in your mind " Let it be done, if God/universe agree with it".

When waiting for your desire to manifest, what you need is just relax, just like when you order food in a restaurant, just relax enjoy yourself while your food is being made.

The answer will come in some ways, if God/universe see you ready for what you asked, you will get it right away

If God/Universe see that you are not ready, you will get hint how to make you ready

If God/Universe see that what you asked are harmful for you, you will get understanding about what you asked.

We are not alone, we are protected and loved by God/ Universe.

For us, Reiki practitioners, we have direct link to Universe consciousness, so experience it and just like what Jesus said " Be salt of the world".