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When your life miserable..

Sometimes our life become so miserable, we do not want things that happen in our life and questioning, where is the happiness? where are the good thins? why they seem hiding from us? and then we starting to condemn God, because no one can be blame by our miserable and misfortune life.

Rather than make God as your black sheep for your misfortune, it is better to understand how God which is also understood as "All that is" work in this world. Therefore creating for ourselves chances to re-create our life and begin to see the wonder of God in the universe.

Most of us do not realize the presence of God in anything they see, hear, smell and touch, therefore we often feel overpowered and distress when living our life. However, it is there with tremendous energy and potential which is waiting for manifestation.

When you do not recognize this great potential within yourself, you wouldn't able to use it for your interest.

That's what Usui Sensei try to teach us, He introduced Reiki system, so we know about the presence of God, Cosmis consciousness, etc. (anything you want to call it). Therefore we realize how great our potential can be and experience the law of abundace.

The time has come for you to unlock your great potential. Find a local Japanese reiki master, and learn the art of Reiki, meditation and visualization. (Learn the meaning and use of Sei he ki)

Learn the Gokai sanzhou (five admonitions) from Usui Sensei.

Manifest all the potential within you and be prosperous.