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The secret behind Cho Ku Rei

The year 1998, was believed as the year when Reiki Boom begin in Indonesia, people amazed with what Reiki capable of, and thinking that they finally can have something valuable that can change their life.

Many years have passed since then, but most people who learned Reiki, disappointed as there is no significance changes in their life as they imagined when taking Reiki courses. They use visualization techniques, materialization techniques, imbued with Kundalini energi, etc. But nothing has changed. Those who poor still poor and those who has miserable relationship still miserable.

Finally they begin to search other answer for their life. However,  if they just put a little bit faith in their heart toward Reiki practices they may found something valuable. One of them lies within the symbol  "  Cho Ku Rei", this is the secret which can  make your heart's desires happen or not. It is also the secret to unlock other secrets of Reiki.

Let's discuss it,
You need to realize what Reiki is , before you can use the power of Reiki. Try to understand that everything in this world is just emanation of the subjective world imbued with Reiki, perhaps the work of William Walter Atkinson may shed light on you about how subjective world influence our life.

As Reiki becomes accepted and widely available to publics, people tend to see Reiki just like any other healing therapy without any deep respect within. We may see Reiki just a tool to heal sickness and ease our discomfort (easing our discomfort and suffering). However, Reiki is much more than just a healing technique or a tool, it is the life energy itself, it is within any living things, it grows, nurture and maintain everything. 

To understand what Reiki really is, first of all, we need to develop a deep respect toward Reiki and Reiki practices. Only with such respect we can direct our consciousness to have a connection with the life force within and outside us.

We do not need to hesitate about Reiki, its origin and its Religious background, etc. Be open minded, trust your own understanding and judgment, then you may unlock its secret.  As Zen masters said, "Be without walls of the mind", do not discriminate Reiki with other techniques and religious dogmas. Be receptive and learn what Reiki really is from our own experience.

Why i discuss all of those before discussing the secret of Cho ku Rei?
It just because Cho Ku Rei symbolizes the power of focus.

The symbol teaches us, that on earth, everything that has focus penetrate deeper, quicker and earn more. It is also apply toward our life, we need to be clearly see within our mind and heart, what we really want before we want changes. After we define clearly what we want, then we should maintain our want within our mind and heart until it is realized. A simple technique to maintain focus to our goals is having faith, a faith that what we want and desired can be materialized, and we deserve it.

Just after we can maintain our own focus, then its time to utilize Reiki. Using Reiki here means, that whatever our desire and wants that being focused within is being released to the Universe for materialization process.

Draw the Cho ku Rei symbol, read the kotodama three times then intent it to bless your purposes.

As Reiki is vibration, it has no form. When we joint Reiki with our intentions and purposes within, it start the process of materialization. However, need to be understood that it is the domain within the Universe consciousness whether or not this process can be finished, therefore we need to respect the Universe judgement about its result and time.

In simple words, when you willingly to do anything for your heart's purpose, that's the exact moment when using Reiki that will bear result. That's what Cho Ku Rei all about.


CoT said...

Thank you brother.

Blessings upon your journey.

Bibin T B said...

tank you Gunsmithy

Anonymous said...

Great explanation, powerful indeed!