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The secret of Byosen Reikan ho

Among other healing arts, Reiki healing arts, are well known for its ability to diagnose any illnesses quickly and accurately. Even the illnesses have not been appeared, advanced Reiki practitioners may know the presence of this potential illnesses just by looking at it.

Why Reiki practitioners are able to do it?, is it magic? or is it something that can be developed by training?

Well, in Tradional Japanese Reiki, there is a hand sensitivity training method which called Byosen Reikan Ho. This technique train a practioner to detect 'hibiki', a disorder energy which eminated by illnesses or bad condition inside an organ.

Though publicly open, this technique contain a litlle secret, which i want to share with you now!!!, want to know about it?

If you interested in this topic, then i must assume you that you know about 'Byosen Reikan Ho' technique. You may have exercise this technique many times, and regardless how many hours have you been used up, you may feel the progress is far beyond your expectation.

Why is it so? The secret about this technique is not lie on a secret technique, but on your mind and your view point.

Let me explain more detail, our thinking habit usually thinking in 2 dimensional ways, because of the influence of our eyes. Our eyes may see things when lights being reflected by the things we see into our eyes, but that makes our mind do not recognized something that we can't see.

Therefore, our mind is in habit of believing something that we can see.

When doing Byosen Reikan ho training, our thinking habits make us only feel hibiki on the organ's surface, but ignored what happened below the surface. But, the source of hibiki may be deep inside the skin and muscles.

The point is, you need to change the way your mind see things, you need to add the depth of everything that you feel during the exercise, feel also the muscle, the blood moving, the bones, etc. make sure that your hand can feel and discern anything inside, not just the surface.

After you get used to think and feel in 3 dimensional ways, then try to analyze and categorized your feeling of hibiki. Which feelings from the mucles, which from the bone, when you already able to discern accurately, you may know the source of the hibiki and put some treatment on it.

Those practitioner who can perform treatment on the hibiki source can cure people almost immediately, and perform healing miracle on most of the illnesses.

Best Wishes