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Give me reason...take me higher

The Title comes from World Cup 2010 national anthem "Waving Flag" by K'Naan. From the moment i heard the song, i just can't hide my love to it. Its rhythm bring joy and togetherness. Two big thumbs for K'naan.

I was so inspired with the lyric. You can get motivated just by reading it. It describe hope and happines that lie in the future.

As we grow older, we see a lot of awful things in our life, we had hope and dreams back then, but the world seems not always friendly for us. Not every hope and dreams come to our life. Later on we feel bitter, and sack our hope and dream.

Hope and dream may just be our imagination's product. It may not real at all. Even a certain philosophy teach about how to live in reality, train us to dwell our mind to present time to avoid unhappiness.

But, in the absent of unhappiness, can happiness manifest? When there isn't something that we call darkness can we acknowledged light?

For me, living in a reality is accepting the dark and the light in equal manner. Therefore accepting that unhappiness and happiness as part of life.

We are human beings, we are weaker creature compare to some animals in the wild jungle. But, nowadays we can see that human beings are above any animals on earth.

Is it because we have claw sharper than the tiger, or big body as elephants? no, our strength is coming from the inside, from our suffering and unhappiness.

Whether we like it or not, such suffering and unhappiness bring us sense of purpose. When human being have purpose in their life, the can reach anything they want.

Just like the song, "Give Me Reason....take me higher"....