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The antidote of fear

In a world of financial turmoil, many have lost their money, source of income and hope. For the first time, for so many of us, face to face with the harsh reality of the world. No matter where we live, the danger is out there.

Nevertheless, the life must go on, whether the condition favor us or not, there are people we love to be fed and care. We need to be as strong as possible for the sake of them. This uncertain conditions may bring fear to our psyche.

"What happened tomorrow? Can I get a job? How can i pay the rent?"

Our mind full with fear and worry.

Though seems powerfull, fear and its sister worry, is not a formiddable opponents, they are weak if you know their weakness.

Now, i shall inform you their weakness, so you can overcome it in no more than 1 minute long.

Worriness caused by the future uncertainty that threat something that you hold dear, therefore, you need to do one of these things, overcome the threat with great effort or giving up what you hold dear. Well, there is no permanen things in this world, so let it go what you hold dear when its leaving is certain.

Fear is felt when the source of danger near you and you feel that your power and ability are not enough to beat it. When you feel fear, always remind in your mind this phrase " Whatever has a beginning must have an end", even the greatest storm must end. Try to evade the danger as fast as you can, and find protection from families, friends, spouse,etc. Analyze your current situation wisely, and attack the source of danger with hope and faith.

Now, you know how to deal with fear and worriness......

Just beat it