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Secret of miracles

The law of attraction says that anything we think and feel may attract conditions that coherent with it. Therefore, if we have so many negativities store in our subconscious such as judgment, jealousy, and anger, we will attract realities which give us more chance to do what we usually do-judgment, jealousy and anger.

It seems bizarre to me when i read the theory several years ago, but through continues trial and error, i finally begin to realize that "The Law of Attraction" indeed is the secret of miracles. (Check this too, "Applying law of abundance")

As Gendai Reiki practitioner, i also notice that the lesson about " Law of Attraction" also become an important integral part of Reiki practices. It is also said in Sensei Usui's five admonitions, that positive mind and feeling may attract miracles healing.

However, as Reiki practitioner we have more chance to success. It is because when we practice Reiki, we become attune to the source of existence within us. With such connection, our negativities are neutralize and give us a chance to direct our mind, feeling and effort to realities that we desire.

One important thing that people may forget when using "The Law of Attraction" is faith. After you decide what you want, and focusing your mind and feeling toward it, then you need to have some faith about what you are doing, what you feel and your commitment about having what you ask. Otherwise, you won't able to use "The Law of Attraction" effectively, and not getting what your heart's desire.

When you feel, you are certain to what you want and willing to do anything to get what you want, then it is the best time to operate the "Law of Attraction".

Then wait with certainties in heart that your desires are being fullfiled.