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As above so Below

We who live in the modern world, are fascinating with the things that modern world invented. As any invention being invented will lead to another invention, this progress will eventually take us to a new broader opportunities and possibilities that no other human in the past will even dream about. Computers, Sky-crappers, Nuclear power, and many modern appliances are shaping our daily lives; we no longer understand how to live without it. Our lives are getting easier by the use such technology, and life is no longer as painful as before.

Inventions are not magic; it is not done by a night. Inventions are actually the practical use of the natural laws, which should be discovered and understood first. Therefore, when Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, then Thomas Alva Edison can invent light bulb. Inventions are also based on something that already been invented.

So many things already invented, but only some people wonder, how can a human being invent the inventions? Why some people can invent things, but others are not able to invent anything? Is it because the inventors were gifted, is it because they posses knowledge superior than others?

There is no exact answer to that may be the inventors were gifted, may be they posses' superior knowledge, or maybe they put a great effort to it. But, when we turn our attention for a while to ancient Egypt, we may have a glimpse of light about the natural law of creation.

An Egyptian legend, tell us about the Emerald Tablet, written by the thrice great Hermes Trimegistus. In the tablet, Hermes Trimegistus, discuss about the process of creation and summarized in the quotation "As Above, So Below".

The emerald tablets tell us, that whatever things manifest on earth realm should be created first in the spiritual realm. Therefore, an inventor can invent things because the things have already been created in the spiritual realm, and the inventor unconsciously channel to it. Or, the inventor imagined in his imagination the things that he/she wants to create, project their mind to the spiritual realm, and make his/her imagination manifest unconsciously in the material realm.

So, when do you want to make manifest what your heart desires, first of all, you need to make your desires real in your imagination. Then project your desire to spiritual realm, then guidance and opportunities may available to you like magic. Soon, when mastering this, you can put yourself among the great inventors of the world.




Anony said...

Thanks for the blog, Very nicely done and informative,
However i don't think it's necessary that our lives are as less painful as they were in the past, there is more mass destruction, divorce rate, diseases etc these days than it were before,
even though the physical suffering maybe a little bit less but the psychological suffering is huge than before, suicide rate keep on rising every now and then

Husadareiki said...

That's true, we have been focusing our attention to material wellbeing, but neglected psychological wealth. It is an irony,