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Tan Tien, body's energy storage

Last weekend, Indonesian celebrated Idul Fitri 1430 H, yes-i mean all Indonesian were celebrating Idul-Fitri regardless whether he/she is a Moslem. Though this is a Moslem's holiday, but it already tranform into Indonesian culture. Its not a religion's day anymore but more likely a festive day for all Indonesian, its a day when every Indonesian try its best to forgive other misdeeds and creating a commitment to build a good relationship in the future.

so, as Indonesian, i did enjoy last weekend holiday, rather than traveling around, i chose to stay home and did some work out early in the morning. Kinda lazy that day, "who want to work out in the holiday, only fool can do it "( that's what i felt), but i had to do it otherwise I'll break my personal commitment to have a healthy lifestyle. So, i did some stretching, jogging around a little bit, doing some breathing exercise and then exercise Gendai Reiki techniques.

During practiced, my mind hardly stand still and concentrated, dreaming about what to do after practiced, to the future's problems then back to the past memories, back and forth fore several times. Then as normal meditation process, my mind get balanced by itself, peace and tranquility manifest.

Breathing getting slower and rhytmic, and my mind starting to move again in a slower pace than before. In this process, i remember my past curiosity about Tan Tien.

Tan Tien is a point located 3 fingers width below our navel. Many literatures said that in Tan Tien, our energy is being kept save for later use. However, when doing anatomy analysis, you may not find any specific organ corresponding with Tan Tien. There is no organ responsible for energy's storage room. Unlike cakras, which people now understand that it has something to do with endocrine glands and system, Tan Tien seems not having any organs counter part.

Then suddenly, my mind intuitively directed to remember a book written by Mr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who research about how our mind's wave make water's crystal changes its shape. When our mind full with love intention, the water's crystal create beautifully and symmetric crystals.

Perhaps my subconscious mind is trying to give me an answer cause i suddenly relate my question with Mr. Emoto's research, I felt maybe what we called Tan Tien is the lower part of intestine which full of bloods and liquids. When exposed to Reiki energy, blood and liquid within the lower part of the intestine began to change its shape and behaviour to store and distribute energy to the whole cells.

With this new understanding, i began concentrating intention to my Tan Tien, Reiki began to gather inside. A moment later, i can felt Reiki energy was carried over by bloods and liquid within my Tan Tien to my whole cells, my tension lessened, and i feel rejuvenated.

Well, feeling rejuvenated always accompany with sleepiness, i felt so sleepy and need my pillows, i decided to finish my exercise, go back to my room and say goodbye to my holiday's work out and sleep for couple hours...