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Reiki as spiritual path

Originating from Sensei Mikao Usui’s spiritual quest, Reiki has already widespread to the corner of the world. Reiki has become a major energy treatment method to cure many illnesses. When you search in the internet, you will find a lot of Reiki lineage and style. Every Reiki styles offer you many benefits, from curing illnesses quicker, promise you for spiritual enlightment, etc.

Well, it proves that Reiki has a great potential to elevate human conscious and awareness. Many has proved it and give their understanding and experiences to improve Reiki practices.

In spite of, great developments by Reiki practitioners in the world regarding Reiki practices. Reiki has been assimilated with many beliefs and religions, and then its spiritual essences seem wither over time.

To those, who seeks Reiki as spiritual path, Reiki can be a wonderful partner to enlighten your path, help you discriminate which way to take.

The ultimate Reiki practice is the process of integrating yourself with the ‘Source’, you may call ‘The Source’ anything, God, Cosmic, Higher Being, etc. When you able to integrate fully, your spiritual life begins, and any questions within you are dissolved.

One warning, for those who see Reiki as spiritual path, you need to discover the truth, the light and the way within you, don’t believe easily on masters who offer you connection with higher beings or Cosmic or anything outside you.

The Source can only be contacted through yourself. That’s what sensei Usui finally understand, his quest ended within. From within he discovered the truth.