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What Learning Reiki can offer to you

After 10 years, learning Gendai Reiki ho and Usui Reiki Ryoho, i can conclude that learning Reiki is not just learning about healing and meditation. Healing and meditation techniques that you learned in Reiki are only the tips of an iceberg. There are a lot more that Reiki can offer to your happiness and fullfiling life.

For years, since we were born to this world, we've been introduced to many beliefs. We learned that without such beliefs, we are vulnerable to mistakes. Instead of learning how to cope with such mistakes and learn valuable lessons, we were taught to stay away from doing any mistakes.

Unfortunately, nature didn't create good without bad. Any mistakes that we made or will make, eventually are necessary for us to learn and evolve. No one in history can achieve great achievement without prior mistakes and learning from it.

Reiki learning systems, though have already changed overtime by many Reiki masters. Still have a subconscious message from its originator, Sensei Mikao Usui. When you are receptive enough, you will understand that Reiki is not just placing your hands on people or meditation seeking enlightment.

Learning Reiki means learning about yourself, gradually your conscious will be able to discriminate which beliefs are based on reality and which is not. Sooner or later, your consciousness may expand and you will find out that your existence is one with all and all within you. Nothing is born and nothing is die. Everything just changes.

And someday you will receive the greates gift that Reiki can offer....