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Meridian channels and Reiki

Practicing Reiki and meditation everyday may make you become a clear channel of Reiki energy, which means Reiki will flow through you in an enormous quantity. The recipients will sense a great sensation when you touch them and send Reiki. Experiencing the recipients’ response to the Reiki that flow through you, can be a good reward for your diligent and hard work practicing Reiki every day.

Unfortunately, becoming a clear path Reiki and channeling a great amount of energy is not the only requirement to heal somebody. It’s like having a great car and gasoline but it’s not guarantee that you will arrive at your destination on time if you don’t know the routes.

As a human being, a man/ a woman have what the old people of the ancient called as energy body. Just like a body that made of flesh and bone which nourished with nutrition that carried by blood, the energy body nourished by energy that comes from food, air, and environment. Over nourished or under nourished are bad conditions for the energy body and may lead to illness and disorder of human’s physical body.

In physical body, the blood flow in and out the heart within blood vessels, such as arteries, veins or capillaries. On the other hand, the energy flow in the energy body through what we called as meridians channels.

Acupuncturists know about 12 meridian channels which correspond to a certain organ in physical body; therefore when there is disturbance in a meridian channel that link to a specific organ, a potential disease can be detected.

Sending a huge amount of Reiki energy to a specific meridian channel, is like driving a good car fully fueled with gasoline in a known route which guarantee your arrivals on scheduled time. For example, if you detected a hibiki in a recipient’s liver, you may send Reiki energy to liver channel which act like a toll to your liver’s cells.

So, in treating people with severe illnesses which need a quick treatments, perhaps you can consider to send Reiki energy through meridians channel.

We can’t wait a recipient to die waiting the Reiki reach a particular organ, can we?