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Second brain....

Do you think, that your brain is the only part within your body that think? If you think so, you were wrong. Brain does everything to make your body moves, make you able to calculate and imagine thinks, but brain is not the only part that think.
There is another part within you that give you second opinion in your mind process.

Psychology's students, study the existence of subconsciousness, they consider subconciousness has bigger effect on how we think, feel, and react. The consciousness that we aware of is only the tip of an iceberg. It nothing compares to subconciousness. But what organ that responsible with the subconciousness ?

Have you ever heard people say " Hey, my gut feeling tell to do this" ? Yeah, the other organ than think for you is your organs within your belly. With many important organs link each other with complex nerve system, your belly gives second opinion to your mind process. It explain why people can get confused when deciding something.

Unlike the brain, your belly's complex nerve system think differently, it stores many information received from the brain in form of chemical formulations. It means, when you think something, your belly through complex mechanism produce certain chemical and release it to the blood system. And you feel something that you called " EMOTION".