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Usui Reiki ho and Reiki ho

Most Reiki practitioners that I met, do not know that Usui Reiki ho and Reiki ho are separate different things. As its name suggested, Reiki means 'Universal energy ' and ho means 'method', when we say about Reiki ho we think about a method of utilizing 'universal energy'. Ancient people, wherever they were lived, knew about the existence of this universal energy and learn how to use such energy for their benefit. It was a knowledge used by ancient people to heal, to control nature elements and even controlling others.

Off course, ancient people did not call such energy as 'Reiki' because Reiki is Japanese term for the energy, they had their own term to call the energy such as Prana, Mana, Qi, etc. Though different in names they refer the same thing, an underlying motive force that move the world around.

If we talk about Usui Reiki ho or Usui Reiki Ryoho, we refer to the method of utilizing universal energy developed by Usui Sensei. While Usui Reiki Ryoho means, an Usui's spiritual method by utilizing universal energy. This method is created and developed by Usui sensei after his awareness of the energy existence when doing 21 days meditation at Kurama Yama. It is a genuine work of Usui Sensei, no one at that time has a method that can be compared to his in simplicity and practical uses.

Long after His passing, many Usui Reiki practitioners who try to understand Reiki ,find no satisfaction in their current practices and developed their own Reiki method. This one of the reason why there are so many Reiki styles available to learn today.