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Flow it like water

What would be like when your house water pipe get stuck somewhere? You may not be able to use the water easily as before and your pipe may start leaking. When not properly fix, the pipe may break down and your belongings inside your house are at risk of being damage by leaking water.

That's exactly what happened when your qi or your body energy stuck. Stagnated qi will create a lot of problems from small uneasiness on the back to a kidney failure. Therefore, the aims of all energy healing technique such as Reiki is make the stagnated qi move and flow easily within its channel, which is called meridian.

Some Reiki masters say that you don't need worry about flowing qi through meridian, because Reiki is energy with consciousness and will flow to the place in the body that lack of energy. However, from my experience Reiki does flow automatically, but it spread everywhere without focusing on certain places. It means, when you want to treat your toes by placing your hands on your head, Reiki will reach your toes in a smaller quantity of energy. Then it took longer to heal your toes.

If you have practice Reiki everyday and reach a certain level of healing ability, you may heal your toes just by putting your hands on your head or you just thinking about your toes and Reiki flow directly to heal your toes. But, a beginner may not have sufficient energy to do such thing. I believe some beginners or shoden level practitioners may lose confident in Reiki after their first attempt to heal.

There is a way to improve the healing process time and result, which is by studying a little bit about how energy flow in meridian channels. Meridian channels have input points and output points, when Reiki energy is directed to certain input points, the energy may flow only in that channels and clean the stagnated energy. Think it as cleaning a water pipe by increasing water flow inside the pipe.

When the energy flows smoothly, the healing process begins. By concentrating Reiki in certain points, the healing process can be quickened.(Storing energy at Tan tien)