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Treatment on Coronary heart disease

Reiki treatment, believe it or not, give almost a sudden impact on those patients who got coronary heart disease. Several months ago, my friend ask me to give Gendai Reiki ho treatment to her father who suffer from coronary heart disease. Her father told me about how his coronary heart disease made him unable to walk more than 50 metres from home, as he felt pain inside his chest and unable to breath easily.

This disease cost him quite a lot, he had a surgery to put a ring in his blocked artery to make blood circulate and prevent sudden heart attack.

Then, after a few minutes conversation, i agreed to treat him with Gendai Reiki ho for a session. I didn't expect anything at first, because this is the first time i treat someone with coronary heart disease.  That was an opportunity for me to learn how to treat this disease, but if Reiki treatment didn't give a good result in a session, i can loose confident with Reiki.

I begin with giving treatment on his head, from front position, side, back and throat. Then i put my left hand on his chest and my right hand on his back for about 30 minutes.

I felt a strong hibiki(sensation)on his back, it felt like the blood didn't circulate well and the heart was in a weak condition.

After the session, my friend's father told me that he was so sleepy, and he can breath deeper than usual. But he didn't felt any vibration but only felt my hands were hot. I wasn't quite satisfied with the feedback.

The next day, i visited him again, and he reported that after he woke up in the morning, he felt his breath was deeper than yesterday, and he felt quite relax, then he tried to walk around the block. Surprisingly, he was able to walk around the block for several times without losing his breath.

Well, that was a surprise to me too, i never expected that he made any improvement in a day.


Brate said...

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