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One touch one heal

Have you ever give a Reiki session to patients with serious diseases such as cancer and kidney failure? If you do, you might be understand what i am going to tell you in this post.

There is a big different giving Reiki healing to those who experienced minor health problems such as influensa and stress related diseases with those who get cancer and kidney failure. The biggest challenge is you will heard the patients complaining about how he/she suffer from the illnesses, every minutes the patients may moan and grief. Its painful experienced for the healers to hear such lamentation, somehow deep inside, something urge us to do the best we can to save the patients.

Unfortunately, the more we try to heal patients, the less we receive benefit from Reiki. Reiki works in the energy dimension, its so subtle, Its existence may not be felt directly with conscious mind for unexperienced practitioners.

Luckily, Reiki is growing with time, if you patient enough in practicing Reiki, somehow, someday, you will find that your healing duration shortened. Your Reiki can be felt almost instantly.

Being A Reiki practitioner we need to understand deeply about sensei Usui's message in 5 principle of Reiki, especially "Just for today work hard". Developing healing ability needs time and patient, it needs our hard work. But, when the time is come, you may reach the highest level of hands on healing....