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In most disease that people in the modern world experience, cancer is the most frightening of all. Those who get cancer live everyday in pain.

Cancer as we called it is caused by numerous body’s cells that begin to grow and reproduce on its own. It seems to me that these cells can be compared to a revolt groups within a nation. When these cells strong and mature enough, they invade and destroy healthy tissue next to them, including organs.

When at small level, it can be anywhere in the body, but spread everywhere when it is matured enough, this stage is called metastatis

According to many sources, cancer has become a serious problem in the modern world, it is estimated more than 7.6 million people died of cancer every year, I believe this number would increase in the future.

If you find yourself with a lifestyle that have a high cancer risk such as smoking, drinking alcohol, obesity, poor diet, prolonged exposure to sunlight and lack of exercise, you may consider to change your lifestyle now.